About SHIV

Siobhan’s Pilates journey began in Geneva, Switzerland in 2011 when she met her first Pilates instructor, Alexandra, who was a true inspiration and ignited a curiosity that would forever change Siobhan’s life! This connection between teacher and student blossomed into years of one-on-one training, where Siobhan gained valuable skills and reshaped her mind and body from the inside out. Furthermore, this motivated Siobhan to officially begin her teacher training program in 2014 with BASI Pilates in Wimbledon, UK.


Leaving Switzerland in 2015 to move back to New York City, Siobhan continued her practice and completing the teacher program at Physio Logic Pilates. However in 2017, Siobhan decided she wanted to make health and fitness a priority, personally and professionally. She left her career in fashion and picked up everything to make the big move west! She has been living in Venice ever since!


There were so many opportunities where Siobhan could have and in some cases did get stuck and almost let the Pilates bug fly by but there was still that small flame that was lit so many years ago by Alexandra in Switzerland. It was a time when Siobhan felt her best and she reminded herself of that spark any time she felt stalled or lost. And it is that inspiration and connection she found in the beginning of her practice that she strives to impart to others in her Pilates teaching. In her Pilates practice, Siobhan emphasizes the importance of connection in various ways: mind + body, motion + stability, breath and movement, but also human connection, being ever present in our bodies and in our surroundings!

CORE Values



Efficiency & Balance


Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just looking to get active, Pilates can help you retrain and rebalance your body while building core strength so you can move more efficiently and with less risk of injury.

Image by Jordan Wozniak


Focus & Concentration


Pilates is all about connecting the mind to the body, the breath with the movements. Realign your body with your thoughts and become more centered and more balanced inside and out.



Strength & Grace


Low impact exercises that range from beginner to advanced that will train your body to stand tall with confidence and poise.