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About SHIV

Siobhan is originally from New York but moved to Los Angeles in 2017. Her personal practice started in 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland and has culminated in the opening of Shiv Pilates in Culver City, Los Angeles. Siobhan believes that the true value in pilates comes from the deep connection between the mind and body. Through your practice at Shiv Pilates you will better understand the way your body is meant to move, you will feel more in control of your body and ultimately feel stronger and stand taller. 

CORE Values



Efficiency & Balance


Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just looking to get active, Pilates can help you retrain and rebalance your body while building core strength so you can move more efficiently and with less risk of injury.

Image by Jordan Wozniak


Focus & Concentration


Pilates is all about connecting the mind to the body, the breath with the movements. Realign your body with your thoughts and become more centered and more balanced inside and out.



Strength & Grace


Low impact exercises that range from beginner to advanced that will train your body to stand tall with confidence and poise.

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